RGB Dispersion Optical Glass Prism - Gift of Light

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Beautiful and unique design of cubic 6 sides can be pervious to light, much more beautiful than those with 4 sides polished. In the same environment, different Angle different color rendering. It's a nice demonstration of beam splitting and color combinations. All surfaces can be refracted.


100% quality optical glass, made of K9 optical glass, with better refraction and clear reflection.


The product is equipped with a cool black gift box. After opening the gift box, the built-in light will be opened, colorful light will appear, and the light will be extinguished when closed.


It's not just for education and filming.Place it in dark place, irradiate with a direct light source, can present beautiful optical phenomenon, very fascinating. Many people like to play it this way.


You don't need any practice, just need to find a good angle, you can get a unique picture.
This is a cool tool for photography, make your photos unique without having to use any effects or Photoshop, It is fun to use and gives each picture a different look.

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  • 1 x Optical Glass Prism
  • 1 x Special Glass Prism Wiping Cloth
  • 1 x Official Exquisite Gift Box With Lamp (Limited Stock) (Because a 2''/50mm Glass Prism is larger than a light box, it comes in a gift box Without Lamp)