Motech Moisture Resistant 7-Day 28

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MOISTURE PROOF GASKET: The lid of the main pill box is designed with a rubber gasket to keep out moisture, and maintain fresh portions of your daily medication and supplements. The main lid closes firmly and is secured by a strong wide latch to prevent accidental spills.
4 COMPARTMENTS PER DAY: Each daily pill case is color coded, and designed with 4 compartments – morning, noon, night, and bedtime. Schedule your medicine intake according to the clearly printed labels.
STAY OPEN LIDS: Lids stay open while you fill your weekly medication. Quickly and easily fill all 28 compartments.
SECURE: Lids snap lock tightly over sturdy latches to prevent spills and accidents.
COLORFUL AND SAFE: Made from food grade plastics, as well as safe pigments mixed in the plastic material not painted on, this pill organizer will keep your medicine safe and bring to towards a more healthy lifestyle. Bright colors greet you every day in a joyful rainbow to highlight an important moment in your daily schedule.

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