Lights on™ Motion Sensor LED Light strip

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Light your kids way to the bathroom and save electricity with the automatic Turn off LED Light strip

"These are great I absolutely love them. I placed then on my steps and they are just a show stopper everyone had to ask about them. I especially love that you can use them connected to an outlet or without, by simply placing batteries in the battery compartment. Best thing ever!!!"

Light up wherever you go, and Only When You Need It:
Whether you put these Smart LED lights in your bedroom, wardrobe, stairs, kitchen you name it, you can easily adjust the timer for them to turn off with just the click of a button. This can be anywhere from 15 seconds all the way up to 5 minutes after no movement has been detected.

  • The best solution for forgetting the lights on
  • Do not lose sleepiness due to the bright light
  • Save electricity with efficient lighting.
  • Perfect for late-night bathroom trips.
  • Never worry about your kids forgetting to turn off the light.
  • Light up dark cabinets only when you need.
  • No need for drilling & easy to use.


  • Electricity saving: automatic Turn off timer.

  • Customizable: Customize your home lighting with this Smart LED Lights
    you need only 2.4M no worries you can cut them to any length you want
    No hard electrical connections needed simply use 4pcs of AAA batteries and you're good to go or even connect a micro USB cable.

  • Long-range smart sensing: PIR motion sensing range of over 2 meters, you can stick these lights ANYWHERE you want, even the CEILING!

  • Waterproof: with IP65 grade these lights are Protected from low-pressure water jets from any direction, and from total dust ingress

  • High Brightness: Every meter of this strip has 60 bright LED's (TWICE as much as any standard LED Strip
  • Easy to install


  • Since they are waterproof can these be used outdoors?
    - The light strip is waterproof but the device is not waterproof. If you want to use it outdoors, pls put the device in a dry place.

  • If I cut the strip light does both strips work?
    - No, if you cut a strip that piece will no longer work.

  • expandable? Can you add LED strip to make it longer?
    - No, it's all one long piece. You can cut it to make it smaller but can't make it longer.
  • Want to place it under stair handrails. Will the sensor work from the opposite end?
    - The sensor will not work from the opposite end,the best sensing distance about 2-4 meters.
    If you want to place it under stair handrails, you need to two and put them on the ends of the stairs.