Christmas DIY Surprise Bracelet Gift Box

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24 surprises found that Christmas is coming, opened a small door and found many exciting gifts. If the number of days is less than 24 days, you can open 2/3/4/5 or more every day. Or do you like all the surprises at once?

DIY   charms:  once all  the  pieces  have been revealed, you can  turn these accessories into a lovely  bracelet,made with quality materal and  without  damaging the body.

 EXLUSIVE  design  :   this  Adven  calendar  has  exclusive  characters  in  Bracelet  accessories.With  snwman,Santa Claus,elk and  other  character  from the  christmas  atmosphere,children  will be  more happiness.

Parent  and  child  activities  :You  can  make  your   own  jewerly  with  them. Harvest   more  family love  in the  holiday  season

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