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This Genius Invention Keeps Food Fresh 5x Longer Than Plastic Wrap

Are You Tired of Throwing Away Food After Only a Few Days?

The average family tosses over $1,000 worth of food into the trash can every year. That’s because traditional preservation methods, such as plastic wrap, traps air in and spoils food quickly.

But what if you had one simple way to seal out oxygen completely and lock in flavor instead? Imagine being able to enjoy leftovers that taste great. Like a domino effect, you reduce food waste in your household and end up saving money.

The SaveSealer is the new efficient solution to save food, with a high quality airtight seal that keeps food fresh 5x longer than plastic wrap.

The SaveSealer helps with:

Food Preservation: Plastic wraps trap oxygen in, so food becomes soggy and wilted after a few days. The SaveSealer system sucks air out, so food retains nutrients and flavors longer.

Less Waste: Are you tired of throwing away rotten food and single-use plastic wrap? The SaveSealer comes with BPA-Free reusable bags, to help cut kitchen waste by 50%.

No-Hassle: SaveSealer is cordless and USB chargeable. It takes mere seconds to store food, sucking out air in seconds with just a push of a button.

Organization: Tired of trying to find a saved meal amidst all that container clutter? SaveSealer bags can be stacked or filed for more efficient organization in your fridge, freezer or pantry.

Save Money: Between buying plastic wrap and tossing uneaten food, you’re basically spending hundreds of dollars to fill up your trash can. The SaveSealer puts an end to all of that waste!

Your Hard-Earned Money is Going Straight Into the Trash

Saran wrap is the go-to preservation tool, but it can’t stop oxygen and moisture from destroying the flavors and nutrients of your food.

Containers are another alternative, but those bulky boxes take up a ton of fridge space. Not to mention, how much time have you wasted searching for lost container lids?

Many believe these inefficient methods are the only options available to preserve food, so they suck it up and deal with messy fridges and spoiled food.

The Vacuum Food Sealer is Giving Families a Better Way to Save Food & Money

Now, you can enjoy fresh food anytime without the hassle of plastic wrap and containers.

The SaveSealer is small enough to fit in a drawer, but powerful enough to quickly suck out every drop of air from bag-saved food. Meats, cheeses, vegetables and fruits are kept in pristine condition for days!

Whether you buy food in bulk for storage, like to prep meals for the week or enjoy Sous Vide cooking, this incredibly versatile system allows you to handle food YOUR way without the waste.

SaveSealer Efficiently Removes All Oxygen, Keeping Food Fresher Longer

Saves Money: The efficient SaveSealer design decreases food waste and puts an end to single-use plastic wrap. You save money in the long run with one simple product switch.

Eco Friendly: The SaveSealer system features reusable, BPA-free bags that make it easy to live more sustainably without sacrificing quality of life.

Delicious Food: Imagine eating crisp, tasty salads that last all week long! That’s the power of the SaveSealer. It barricades food from oxygen, retaining vital nutrients and flavor.

Easy to Use: Anyone can use the SaveSealer Place food inside the bag, connect the vacuum nozzle to the bag valve, and push the button to seal. It’s really that simple.

Portable: Since the SaveSealer is light and compact, you can bring it anywhere, including camping trips, picnics or backyard parties.

Space Saver: Tightly sealed bags allow you to stack and file away food in your fridge, freezer or pantry while maximizing space. Now, it’s easy to navigate your kitchen and find ingredients in a snap.

Versatile: You can use the SaveSealer to preserve cheeses, vegetables, fruits, meats or dry foods. The durable, BPA-Free bags can also be used to achieve perfect Sous Vide cooking every time.

“I didn’t think this would be any different from Saran Wrap, but then I was amazed at how much better my food tasted!”

Wayne from New York says he would love to establish a more efficient way to save food at home. But like everyone else, work and life keep him busy. Sometimes food ends up sitting in his fridge for days.

He told us he uses Saran wrap and Ziploc Bags to store food in the fridge, but most of it goes sour before he can eat it and ends up in the trash.

He has considered buying a traditional vacuum sealer, but says they cost around $200 and are too large for his tiny apartment. Most of the time, he just sucks it up and eats leftovers that taste sub par.

“I’ve thrown away unopened bags of salad before. It’s like a knife to the heart- and my wallet,” he said.